Wednesday March 15, 2017

Mirza Juuliet (Music review), Hindi – Krsna Solo

Posted by Karthik

Tukda tukda caresses like a gentle breeze, thanks to Asees Kaur’s thoroughly likeable vocals and Krsna’s gorgeous melody. Seene mein lagi and Teri razamandi are both Krsna channeling his usual qawali templates – rather generic, though the latter fares a shade better. Muhabbat ko misuse‘s quirky band-style sound is interesting, but it’s let down by the tune and Sandeep Nath’s lines are not match for Rajshekhar’s! DJ Notorious’s remix of the song, without the spunky percussion, is corny. Last year, same time, Krsna produced a cracker of a soundtrack in Cute Kameena. Mirza Juuliet is just a tukda, in comparison.

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  • rnjbond

    I liked this soundtrack! Agree it’s a step down from Cute Kameena, but I thought it’s still a good soundtrack and wish we’d see more Krsna Solo out there!

    • milliblog

      I was, to be honest, disappointed. I expected a lot more from Krsna, particularly after the criminally ignored Cute Kameena (don’t even know if the film released at all!). And Krsna has proven that he has got the goods, in the Tanu Weds Manu series. Agreed, he needs more, but at least he is not languishing like poor Gulraj Singh.

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