Wednesday January 11, 2017

Urvi (Music review), Kannada – Manoj George

Posted by Karthik

Panthuvarali raaga meets Yakshagana chande in Adhara madhura to create pulsating fusion. The Yakshagana mix comes across beautifully in the interludes too. Teenu Treasa’s lush vocals and Manoj’s splendid violin phrases rule over the brooding melody. That Yakshgana style conversational singing appears in Kelu ranga kelu, but Manoj removes the chande to layer in a significantly more modern percussion layer, though everything else remains similar, including the harmonium! The profusion of singers includes Shwetha Pandit, Bhavani Prakash, Navya and Rama Rama Re composer, Vasuki Vaibhav! The short Urvi Theme song alludes to Adhara briefly, though is largely a pulsating Yanni-style orchestral track with Sylvester Pradeep’s Raghu Dixit’ish rendition. Thili prema sounds like something Charan Raj—who sings in it, along with Madhushree—would have composed! It’s wonderfully breezy, with fantastic interludes! Madhushree is even better in her solo version of the song, with only guitars for support. Kanna hani is Manoj’s trademark – a spartan melody adorned almost only with violin, with Chithra in impeccable form holding the quivering pathos in the melody. Ajaneesh Loknath, Judah Sandhy, Charan Raj, Vasuki Vaibhav, Dheerendra Doss, and now, the return of Manoj George (after Athmiya)! Kannada film music is going through a long overdue transformation!

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  • Anil Nair

    A review finally…was wondering when you would get to this. Has been one of my top listens in the past few weeks.

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