Sunday January 7, 2018

Tagaru (Music review), Kannada – Charan Raj

Posted by Karthik

‘Folk Marley’ Anthony Daasan’s spirited rendition lifts Tagaru banthu tagaru as much as Charan’s highly infectious sound that effortlessly descends into pulsating kuthu at times. Mental ho jawa is a curiously interesting concoction! Charan blends a lot of things into a heady mix – Ananya Bhat’s Mental ho jawa hook, a semi-classical or faux-classical anupallavi and a steadily catchy and funky disco’ish background! It all works quite well in Charan’s confident direction. Balma is even better! It starts almost like a prayer, with a mesmerizing backdrop and a constantly disorienting sound before segueing into the captivating ‘Balma’ hook amidst sedate electronica. It eventually scales so beautifully when Siddharth Belmannu starts his classical parts to end the song on a high. Badukina bannave is good old Charan, handing over a lush melody to Siddharth Belmannu while he, in the background, produces an ambient cocktail to wrap the whole thing, complete with a heady folk outro. Hold On, featuring a cornucopia of Rajasthani folk sounds is a lot more conventional, in comparison, but the music is highly layered and interesting, like a Ghibran composition. Charan’s lone, outright commercial attempt in 2017—Dalapathi—barely worked. In Tagaru, he experiments a lot and produces stellar results!

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