Monday September 26, 2016

Hyper (Music review), Telugu – Ghibran

Posted by Karthik

Anudeep and Yazin try their best singing the utterly predictable Come back, while Ghibran has a nice surprise in the anupallavi’s tune! Baby doll too has lot of catchy sounds, but the tune is pedestrian. Ompula dhaniya is the pits – with a groan-inducing bum chiki bum chorus. But Ghibran does throw a surprise in the anupallavi, again. Sameera Bharadwaj is the star of Naalo nenenaa, even as the song around her collapses in all its familiarity. In Hypare hypare, Ghibran successfully fuses Devi Sri Prasad’ish repetitiveness with his own style, to middling effect. Hyper is Ghibran’s weakest work yet.

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  • Chuttan

    Plz listen to zulfiqar, u may like it, here is the link,

  • Chuttan

    Well, u were talkin of makin a list of top nadeem-shravan songs in some post, i searched for it but didn’t found any, have u ever made it or were only thinkin of makin it & have cancelled the plan?!

  • Karthic Sivaswamy

    Why is it tagged under Past perfect?

    • milliblog

      By mistake 🙂 Updated.

      • Karthic Sivaswamy

        I thought you are saying Ghibran’s past were perfect 😉

        • milliblog

          Hahahaha 🙂 No hidden meaning intended 🙂

          • Karthic Sivaswamy

            Okay 🙂 🙂

  • Bharat KV

    “Ompula dhaniya” starts off exactly like “Uppu Karuwaadu”… Looks like Gibran’s doing these soundtracks to make some extra bucks… nowheer close to his other quality soundtracks.

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