Tuesday July 12, 2016

Pelli Choopulu (Music review), Telugu – Vivek Sagar

Posted by Karthik

Ee babu gariki comes alive with its spritely country music sound and Suraj Santhosh’s spirited vocals. Chinuku taake is gorgeous, as a melody, but Amritavarshini’s singing pulls it down a notch. Raalu raaga poolamala is an interesting concoction – a cool techno layer over Wilson Herald’s retro tune. Merise merise‘s easy-on-the-ear tune is marred by a questionably shrill wind instrument. Ranjani Sivakumar’s short classical piece Aanandamayenu is significantly accentuated by the opening string instrument and eventually, Tejas Mallela’s violin. Spitfire Friends closes things on a funky note, with its catchy rap. Catharsis front-man Vivek Sagar’s solo debut shows ample promise!

Keywords: Vivek Sagar, Catharsis, Pelli Choopulu

PS: Vivek Sagar’s debut was Race (2013), which he composed along with his Catharsis band mate Sanjay Das.

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