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Sunday February 12, 2017 20:15

Yaman (Music review), Tamil – Vijay Antony

Yem mela kai vachaa gaali is a menacing kuthu that makes the intent very clear, loaded with cringe-inducing rhyming words. Damelo dumelo is lyricist Vetriselvan spectacular show of assembling the most absurd set of gibberish in one song, in a punchy dance package. Yazin Nizar and Janaki Iyer’s sub-standard vocals compete with Vijay’s grating background […]

Santhanam carries Aara amara impressively – more than being in tune, he brings his dialog swagger to completely own the song! Idhuvarai yarum falls into the intriguingly catchy Malaysian Tamil rap style – the rap portions are layered well on the tune, sung well by Rahul Nambiar and Chinmayi. Kaima kaisa sees Vijay Antony reusing […]

Tuesday June 10, 2014 20:49

Salim (Music review), Tamil – Vijay Antony

MS Viswanathan’s cult song from Ninaithaale Inikkum gets a dance-floor remix in Avala nambithan. It is adequately catchy and works thanks to the original’s appeal. Ulagam unnal uses the remix’s prominent Middle Eastern piece, but is otherwise very generic, despite the Shankar Mahadevanesque singing by Prabhu Poodala. Mascara too is foot-tapping in a familiar, very […]

Kannadi silaye‘s simple and earthy tune is lilting, with strong vocals by Santosh Hariharan and Sangeetha, while Vijay adds a touch of his usually absorbing sounds. In Kaadhal kiliye, Vijay employs Mayamalavagowlai to sweeping effect, with little nuances in the orchestration that add considerable charm. Udalgal irandum too gains tremendously from Vijay’s engaging tune, though […]

Chikku bukku could well be a standard Ilayaraja song but for the gibberish and guitar that Vijay Antony inserts at places – folksy and catchy! My Dear Loveru tells us that Vishal should not have attempted singing and that Pa.Vijay shouldn’t have attempted lyrics for this headache of a song. Nee dhaana is standard techno, […]

Saturday August 4, 2012 21:18

Naan (Music review), Tamil – Vijay Antony

Harris Jeyaraj’ish gibberish opens Makayala, but beyond its interesting guitar usage, it doesn’t stay. Vijay demonstrates almost Yuvan-like awkwardness in his rendition in Ulaginil, but he has an endearing tune to help him. Thappellaam gets everything right – uniquely sung, while Vijay’s orchestration is equally catchy, particularly the use of a Middle Eastern’ish string instrument. […]

Tuesday September 6, 2011 21:36

Vedi (Music review), Tamil – Vijay Antony

Enna aachu is simple and serene with a lovely, uncomplicated flow, beautifully sung by Janaki Iyer and Vijay Yesudas. Ichu holds a similar uncomplicated flow but it doesn’t work this time – the tune is largely staid with limited variation. Ippadi mazhai goes further downhill; amateur and utterly uninteresting tune! Bombay ponnu is plain embarrassing […]

For a pure propaganda song, Rathathim rathame has a mighty engaging tune and orchestration combo; beautifully sung by Haricharan too! Molachu moonu‘s lyrics seem completely inappropriate to this ‘fasting season’, but the song’s melody is absolutely captivating! But, despite its catchy rhythm, Chillax just drones on, with Charulatha Mani’s cringe-worthy ‘carnatic’ Chillax rendition too, in […]

While Kola kuthu has shades of Manikanth Kadri’s recent Ring Ting (Udhayan), this insanely pulsating Mayamalava Gowlai-based kuthu is simply stunning! 24 Mani Neram is just a notch below, but offers an instantly catchy tune, expertly orchestrated with heightened rhythms and superb vocals by Haricharan! The ambient melody Oh My Angel is balladishly nice, while […]

Ussumu laresay rivals Harris Jeyaraj-style gibberish and is merely standard techno-kuthu that Vijay regularly conjures. Kan irrandil has a folksy, Telugu’ish feel and Naresh Iyer’s lively vocals do help, while the wedding-round-the-corner track, Idicha pacharisi is highly templatized and boring – much like Ulagam enakku, based on another template! It is in En nenje that […]

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