Yuvan Yuvathy (Music review), Tamil – Vijay Antony

While Kola kuthu has shades of Manikanth Kadri’s recent Ring Ting (Udhayan), this insanely pulsating Mayamalava Gowlai-based kuthu is simply stunning! 24 Mani Neram is just a notch below, but offers an instantly catchy tune, expertly orchestrated with heightened rhythms and superb vocals by Haricharan! The ambient melody Oh My Angel is balladishly nice, while Karthik aces Un kannai like only he can – delightfully pleasant! Sangeetha Rajeshwaran makes a huge difference to the sweeping, sweet Ullanagai, even as Kadala poduran‘s hip-hop appropriately racy. Mayakka oosi is the only middling track. Punchy soundtrack from Vijay Antony with two sure-fire winners!

Keywords: Yuvan Yuvathy, Bharath, Vijay Antony, Kola kuthu, 24 mani neram