Wednesday October 3, 2018

Sarkar (Music review), Tamil – A.R.Rahman

Posted by Karthik

Vivek goes WTH-level ballistic with internet acronyms in OMG Ponnu, with the music more sounding like Harris Jayaraj’s repertoire for Murugadoss. Top Tucker‘s pulsating rhythm is easy-on-the-ear, while Mohit Chauhan goes berserk with ‘Yendae’. CEO In The House is catchy, with the musical blitzkrieg working well with Nakul Abhyankar’s singing. Oru Viral Puratchi is the soundtrack’s highlight, with its anthemic rock sound. Vivek’s lyrics aim for the MGR’ish appeal! Simtaangaran, with an all-over-the-place tune, sounds interesting in parts, while the lyrics herald a new language rivaling Baahubali’s Kiliki. A functional soundtrack from Rahman barring the high of Oru Viral Puratchi.

Keywords: Sarkar, Vijay, A.R.Rahman

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