Saturday July 8, 2017

Chunkzz (Music review), Malayalam – Gopi Sundar

Posted by Karthik

The Dulquer Nivin Fahad song is a one-trick pony that rides on a simple pop tune that Gopi usually composes in his sleep. The Kalyanam song is no patch on Gopi’s earlier Mangalyam song from Bangalore Days. The title song seems to be composed by Gopi’s auto-tuning machine that listened to some random 80s one-hit wonder, but, despite the predictable Goan rhythm and borrowing a hook from Oopiri, Hey kilipenne manages to impress. The soundtrack’s best is the short Ithu nava sumasara, oozing with Gopi’s retro funk sound and Divya’s aptly put-on oomph! Chunkzz is a sorry show by Gopi.

Keywords: Chunkzz, Gopi Sundar, Gopi Sunder

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