Right Right (Music review), Telugu – J.B.

Alli billi has a gentle and instantly appealing lilt; Hymath’s vocals (but, with the annoying digital enhancement!) and J.B’s orchestration (particularly the 2nd interlude) only makes it better. Bhoogolam bantilaga is standard-issue family group-song and is lively enough. Rangu rangula tharalu has a lively hook, but everything else about the song is way too familiar. Penumantallo chiruguvva, led impressively by Aditya Iyengar (backed by a good chorus), and the title song, led by 5 women, are good situational melodies that bring to mind Ilayaraja’s tunes. Composer J.B’s music continues to be adequately interesting, though sidelined, owing to the film’s budget.

Keywords: J.B., Right Right

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