Wednesday May 18, 2016

Unnodu Ka (Music review), Tamil – C.Sathya

Posted by Karthik

Oothe is a joyous tune led by Vaimitra with a delightfully Tamil dialect and a dash of retro thanks to the splendid piano backing! Oadittaanga is fantastic twist to the usual sentiment around elopement; highly amusing and inventive package fabulously handled by Mano and Krishnaraj! Gowry Lekshmi is really good in Kirukka, expressing the woman’s perspective of being in love in a neat R&B package; excellent diction, despite the accent. Sathya closes the album in style with Raatinam suthudhu – a pulsating electronic reimagination of a Tamil wedding song, layering Bala nadaswaram beautifully in context. Hugely entertaining soundtrack by Sathya!

Keywords: Unnodu Ka, C.Sathya

Listen to the songs on DooPaaDoo: Oothe | Oadittaanga | Kirukka | Raatinam suthudhu



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