Udta Punjab (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi

Babu Haabi’s electrifying rap opens Chitta ve in style, even as Shahid Mallya and Bhanu Prtap take on the main tune beautifully amped by Amit’s pulsating electronic sounds. Vadiya is Chitta ve’s soul-sister – similar, manic energy amidst heavy electronica, admirably sung by Amit himself. Da da dasse gives Kanika Kapoor a tremendous tune transcend Baby-Doll-variety banality with its beautifully constructed melody. Babu Haabi layers his stylish Punjabi rap here too, again. A lot of singers have tried their hand at Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s heartwrenching lines of Ikk kudi, including Hans Raj Hans and Rabbi Shergill. Amit Trivedi not only has a gorgeously melancholic tune, but gets Shahid Mallya and Diljit Dosanjh, for two versions! While Shahid’s variant is soulful, Diljit’s vocals and rock coating offers a lot more to the verse. Shahid handles Hass nach le like a pro, wonderfully backed by Amit’s harmonium-led sound, though this is the album’s most conventional, albeit heartily native and rhythmic, tune. Ud-daa Punjab ends the soundtrack on a high, with Varun Grover’s explosive lines oozing relentless display of bravado, set to insanely addictive and funky tune. In Udta Punjab, Amit offers a welcome diversion from the Honey Singh brand of Punjabi music.

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