Bhale Manchi Roju (Music review), Telugu – Sunny M.R.

Sunny composes and sings the title song confidently, a catchy Bepop jazz’ish tune. In Ningi needera, the retro-styled scratchy sound moves to something modern with a neat sitar hook, while in Mila mila, which Shashwat Singh delivers with gusto, it’s the mandolin hook and addictive chorus. Chalti ka naam gaadi stylishly doffs a hat to the Greek Misirlou, made famous by Dick Dale. Vareva, despite interesting singers, is gimmicky. Amit Trivedi-sung Dol dolre, beyond the inventive sound, is familiar, tune-wise. The soundtrack’s best, Evari roopo, is Arijit’s victory, along with the layered, gently lilting orchestration. Predictably Sunny, this soundtrack, again.

Keywords: Sunny M.R., Bhale Manchi Roju

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