Andhra Mess (Music review), Tamil – Prashant Pillai

Sittham is very, very Prashant Pillai – ambient, haunting and a simple, ethereal tune sung by Preeti Pillai. The song’s remix adds more intriguing electronica in the background, and for some reason, there’s also an awkwardly-sung Hindi version called Shiddath! Orey Oor sounds like a less euphoric song by Indipop band Euphoria, and KS Krishnan’s throaty singing doesn’t help either. Aana oona is curiously catchy, with a thumping sound, lively hooks and Amrit’s enthusiastic vocals. The 3 instrumentals, Loot plan, Loot ride and Two liberated souls are really well put-together. Prashant Pillai’s solo Tamil debut is a relatively tepid affair.

Keywords: Prashant Pillai, Andhra Mess