Sunday August 2, 2015

Paayum Puli (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

Posted by Karthik

Malgudi Shuba’s vocals, Imman’s intriguing tune and udukkai sound makes the title song a breezy listen. Marudakkari is a fantastic listen – captivating guitar + folk sound mix, with a lovely tune to go with it, sung well by Diwakar. Jyoti Nooran’s Naan soodaana has better backgrounds—Pancham-style—than tune, while Imman’s inventive pause-filled rhythm and Raja-styled tune stands out in Yaar inda muyalkutty, besides Armaan Malik’s singing. Silukku marame is Charukesi Shanmukapriya-item number; can’t go wrong with that raga at all, no matter what the tune – this one’s stylishly foot-tapping, at that! Good tunes and better orchestration – Imman in form!

Keywords: Paayum Puli, D.Imman, Vishal



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