Krrish 3 (Music review), Hindi – Rajesh Roshan

Krrish Krrish, with corny chorus, bizarre sounds and Mamta Sharma’s funny vocals, is embarrassing. Raghupati raghav is not far either – besides the obviously catchy rhythm pandering to Hrithik’s feet and sinewy body, the song is exasperating! You are my love ups the ante… Anand Milind sound from 90s and Alisha Chinoy sounding like someone stepped on her feet. Alisha’s foot continues to be harmed in Dil tu, even as Zubeen joins the expression of pain, in a nutty tune and sound combo! God Allah air Bhagwan tops all with industrial-level corniness! Krrish 3 is the soundtrack equivalent of LOL!

Keywords: Krrish 3, Hrithik, Rajesh Roshan