Indru Netru Naalai (Music review), Tamil – Hiphop Tamizha

Hiphop Tamizha writes, composes, sings and mauls iPhone 6 nee yendral ruthlessly – he almost sleepwalks with his nasal singing all over the drab song. Kadhale fares significantly better with its sweeping tune and brilliant singing by Padmalatha, which is taken over by Shankar Mahadevan and Alaap Raju in the song’s other version, the title song. The Conquest of Time theme too picks off from this and the sound is punchy. Naane thaan raja has a likeable, quasi-Middle Eastern sound that’s accentuated in Anthony Daasan’s vocals. From Aamabala’s enthusiastic debut, this one’s a bit of a let-down from Hiphop Tamizha.

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