Buguri (Music review), Kannada – Mickey J Meyer

Ninnamanemunde is mighty staid, despite all the effort from Rahul Nambiar and Ramya Behara. Ladies And Gentlemen has a consistently catchy rhythm to save it from boredom, but Mickey gets everything right in Kannalle, with it’s wonderfully foot-tapping sound, besides Karthik and Shivani’s pitch-perfect singing. Mickey rehashes his own Chakkilingitey title song to great effect in Halavaaru, powered again by Haricharan (and Sahithi), like the original. Chakkilingitey’s Idivarakey gets two versions here, a lively version by Karthik (Arivaagide), and a soaked-in-pathos version (Alubandaru) sung wonderfully by Sonu Nigam. Mickey sticks to his safe Telugu formula for his third Kannada soundtrack.

Keywords: Buguri, Mickey J Meyer