Thursday March 19, 2015

100 Days of Love (Music review), Malayalam – Govind Menon

Posted by Karthik

Arike pozhiyum‘s absolute highlight is Mithun Raju’s addictive guitaring. Govind Menon’s tune and singing are top class too – one captivating package! Hridayathin niramayi is nice enough, with a lilting waltz sound, though the accordion-led sound is standard-issue. Manjiloode, however, is an instantly likeable, cracker of a melody – Christine Jose Vadasseril and Divya S Menon sing it beautifully. Even Ninnekaanan has a fantastic Celtic-rock sound to give Benny Dayal company, though the occasional English lyrics seem forced and out-of-place in a very Indian rock’y way. Govind Menon is turning out to be a very dependable and consistently good composer!

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