180 (Music review), Tamil – Sharreth Vasudevan

Besides Tippu’s emphatic vocals, what stands out in Rules kidayaadhu is that mind-bending rhythm. Even minor nuances like background chorus and that chendai sound are all beautifully packaged! The curiously titled AJ has fabulous singing by both Ramya and Vidhu Prathap, and Sharreth’s expansive imagination, including generous smattering of Spanish – delightful song! Sharreth makes Tamil sound like Azerbaijani in the otherwise amazingly orchestrated Nyaayam, complete with pulsating interludes! Ramya and Ravishankar’s short Radhe radhe is evocative and ends before really taking off. Siru siru kanavugal makes astounding use of the young singers it has in its disposal within an engrossing tune! Sandhikkadha kangalil is mesmerizing… effervescent Chendai-style backgrounds and an unpredictable flow of tune reminiscent of Ilayaraja in his heady 80s form! Nee korinaal is the pick of the soundtrack! The scintillating way it starts with a lovely word like ‘korinaal’ (courtesy Madhan Karky), only to abandon that flow of the tune to Ismail Darbar’ish orchestral flourish and then some guitar loaded phrases – this is clearly one of the most inventive tunes I’ve heard in a long time! 180 is unconventional in every way, right from the title to all its songs! Overall, an enchanting soundtrack from Sharreth!

Keywords: Siddharth, Nitya Menon, Nithya Menon, Priya Anandh, Jayendra, Sharreth Vasudevan, Sharath Vasudevan, 180 the film, #200


1. I had huge difficulties trying to buy the songs off ThinkMusic’s portal built for this film. After 3 failed transactions, I finally managed to buy it with my ICICI credit card and Internet Explorer (I used Firefox 4 earlier). The only reason I persisted was because I loved the samples! So, don’t let my experience stop you from buying this soundtrack – it’s a must-listen!

2. The most interesting thing to note is the fact that one could pay any price they deem fit, when buying mp3s online – much like Radiohead’s In Rainbow that first tried this method.

3. But, what irks me far more than failed transactions was the fact that the songs are made available for sale online with no credit to the singers or lyricists whatsoever. There is no individual credit per song even in the downloaded mp3 tracks and I had use my connections to dig the credits. This disturbs me a lot since it is about respect to the artists who have contributed to the soundtrack.

4. Like Saregama, there is no option to download multiple tracks at one go; but, unlike Saregama, the download is a fairly simple and smooth process.

5. The confirmation mail I got said ‘Order No.70’. That, for a soundtrack that started selling only at about 11am today, is darn good, though it would also include my 3 failed orders 🙂

6. Isn’t ‘Sandhikkaadha’ based on that astonishingly beautiful raaga…Reetigowlai? UPDATE: Thanks to @MusicAloud, I’m now able to better place the song that reminded me of Sandhikkaadha. For some reason the word ‘Azhagan’ popped into my mind as soon as I finished hearing this song for the first time – I should have explored that line of thought further, but did not. Now it dawn on me that it was Azhagan’s ‘Sangeedha swarangal’ that seemed very similar to this song! And that is based on raaga Karaharapriya! I strongly feel Sandhikkaadha too uses that raaga, though there could be traces of Reetigowlai too.