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Milliblog’s Top Recent Listens – February 2015

Posted by Karthik


Moh moh ke dhaage – Dum Laga Ke Haisha (Hindi – Anu Malik)

Khoney de – NH10 (Hindi – Bann Chakraborty)

Hunterrr 303 & Chori chori – Hunterrr (Hindi – Khamosh Shah)

Birju – Hey Bro (Hindi – Nitz ‘N’ Sony)


Karichan kuruvi & Enakkanavan – Sagaptham (Tamil – Karthikraja)

Ammanae, Ponna pathi sollava, Unnai enni & Maanga peesula – Ayirathil Iruvar (Tamil – Bharadwaj)

Kangalilae – Pencil (Tamil – G V Prakash Kumar)

Iranian naadagam, Uttaman kadhai, Mutharasan kadhai, Uttaman arimugam, Kaadhalaam kadavul mun & Love’aa love’aa – Uttama Villain (Tamil – Ghibran)

Hey nanba, Vellakaara rani, Kuppannae & Ilangaathe – Kallappadam (Tamil – K)


Samayaa, Vaddura mama & Love story – Tiger (Telugu – Thaman S)

Beautiful zindagi, Title song, Nuvvu nuvvu kadhu, O prema & Challa galli thakuthunna – Yevade Subramanyam (Telugu – Radhan & Ilayaraja)

Kala idhe kala idhe & Anandham anandham – Tungabhadra (Telugu – Hari Gaura)
Debutant (I’m assuming this is Hari’s debut, haven’t found any of his earlier works) Hari Gaura has at least 2 songs that make you stop and give it a second listen. He builds Kala idhe kala idhe’s tune pretty well, complete with a sweeping violin base ad Hemachandra’s alluring vocals particularly in the almost Raja’ish anupallavi. Hari does significantly better in Anandham anandham, making superb use of violins in the spritely tune, sung wonderfully by Karthik and Lipsika. I’ll look forward to Hari’s work at least based on these 2 songs.

Radhe radhe, Ola ola, Veelunte – Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini (Telugu – Hari)
Radhe sounds old-fashioned maudlin, but has a nice enough tune at its core and is sung well by Haricharan too. Ola ola and Veelunte would make Harris Jayaraj very, very proud – exactly appropriates his template and does it well too!


Enne Thallendammaava & Kaikkottum Kandittilla – Oru Vadakkan Selfie (Malayalam – Shaan Rahman)
Vineeth and Shaan have solid fun between themselves in Enne thallendammaava, but that violin adds a fantastic layer too, besides a really funky bass! The tune is mighty catchy. Kaikottum kandittilla is Vaikom Vijaylakshmi’s show all the way, though Shaan loads it with a cool slowed-down Punjabi rhythm.

Engengo engengo – Mili (Malayalam – Gopi Sundar)
I believe this song was added later to the soundtrack of Mili because while writing about it earlier, I did not find this song! I’m not sure why Gopi chose to sing it himself – he sounds odd, to put it mildly, but his tune keeps him in good stead. Catchy and a good hook too!

Kaanal kaatte – Haram (Malayalam – Thaikkudam Bridge)
Another one of those Malayalam films which supposedly has songs, but we don’t know if the full soundtrack released commercially or not. Three songs, thankfully, are out on YouTube. Kaanal kaatte is very unlike Thaikkudam Bridge’s usual sound, but sounds darn good! The other 2 songs, Theeyaai and Njangalke are hardcore rock songs, with the band itself playing on the Bangalore roadside in both cases! Very generic sound and tune.


None, in February 2015!


Theevandi (Indipop – Thaikkudam Bridge)
The band lets its hair down with the very energetic Theevandi, with scintilating guitar and a terrific, addictive tune! Fantastic video too!


Would you believe, Into the night of blue & Mercy mercy – Hidden Gems (Ace of Base)
Yes! The 90s are back!! Ace of Base has a new album called Hidden Gems that has 15 previously unreleased songs of the Swedish band that ruled the roost back in the 90s. It’s the same darn sound that annoyed us perennially in the 90s via Channel V and MTV – some of it is interesting and enjoyable for nostalgia’s sake!

Riverman, In the heat of the moment, Lock all the doors, The right stuff, While the song remains the same & The Mexican – Chasing Yesterday (Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds)
Noel Gallagher, the former singer-guitarist-songwriter of Oasis is 47!! That perhaps explains his psych-rock sound in his second album. It is all mid-tempo and very listenable, particularly the super twang in The Right Stuff!



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