Finding Fanny (Music review), Hindi – Mathias Duplessy & Sachin-Jigar

Fanny re is so un-Goan, employs very Punjabi lyrics and is sung by a Rajasthani singer, Mukhtiyar Ali! The song has a wacky, distinctly-European sound, and carries an undeniable charm! The song’s other version, Mahi ve, is ditto, with just Fanny replaced with Mahi! Mathias Duplessy croons Ding dong himself and the French-Portuguese mix is simple and endearing. The soundtrack’s highlight is the tantalizingly catchy bossa nova by Sachin-Jigar, Shake your bootiya, that is guaranteed to kick-start an impromptu jig, with Divya Kumar is superb form! Sachin-Jigar go one up on Mathias Duplessy in what’s a short, immensely whimsical soundtrack!

Keywords: Mathias Duplessy, Sachin-Jigar, Finding Fanny, Finding Fanny Fernandes