Qaidi Band (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi

I am India, the anthemic band song rides on the easy, repetitive hook and the racy ending, though Arijit sounding so much like Amit Trivedi is supremely discomforting. Amit does differentiate his voice in the song’s other version, a decidedly more street-smart version with a less anthemic sound. Hulchul, Junooni and Udanchoo are trademark Amit Trivedi-style classic rock material. The first 2 are expansive and lush melodies beautifully orchestrated by Amit using a familiar rock base, but in Udanchoo he pushes the boundaries lets the tune explode joyously in sync with the lyrics, while also invoking I am India’s hook. Jag mag, with its chilled out Carribean vibe is instantly endearing with its captivating rhythmic structure. Phir nayi and Phir wohi‘s contrast is incredibly stark! In the former, Yashita Sharma is delightfully optimistic, singing warmly expectant activities, gently aided by the santoor Amit beautifully layers in. The latter, in contrast, is melancholy personified, with a contrastingly desolate flute! The soundtrack’s clear high-point is Poshamba, where Amit Trivedi invokes the glorious 80s, with a heady Kalyanji-Anandji sound. Arijit and Yashita’s spirited rendition adds to the song’s charm! After the middling Dear Zindagi, Amit Trivedi gets back to his Udta Punjab zing.

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PS: If you liked Udanchoo, may I request you to also listen to this superlative, relatively unheard song called Yeh dil madmast malanga, from the Marathi film, Chitrafit – 3.0 Megapixel with music by Yug Bhusal? You’ll know why, when you listen to both songs. I also heard ‘Ilayaraja’ in my head when I listen to the Marathi song, btw.

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