Tuesday May 13, 2014

Yaan (Music review), Tamil – Harris Jayaraj

Posted by Karthik

Aathangara orathil – Harris Jayaraj tune bank, 2007; Gana Bala’s singing does make a difference, besides MC Vickey’s rap and assorted burping sounds. Latcham calorie – Harris Jayaraj tune bank, 2003; this is that, even-a-baby-can-guess-this-is-by-Harris-Jayaraj tune; remains occasionally interesting though. Nee vandhu ponadhu – Harris Jayaraj tune bank, 2005; lot of glitzy sounds and nothing more. Hey lamba sounds pleasant; lilting guitar base and a catchy Latino tune that consistently stays mellow. Nenje nenje is the soundtrack’s best, almost-unplugged’ish sound and a gorgeous melody brought to life by Unnikrishnan and Chinmayi. But for the last two tracks, Yaan is Yawn.

Keywords: Yaan, Harris Jayaraj



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