Ra.One (Music review), Hindi – Vishal Shekhar

Chammak challo is Vishal Shekhar’s own Jai ho, with Akon; instantly catchy, with a musical package that incorporates Tamil verses by Hamsika Iyer, even as it seems to offer a subtle nod to Choli ke peeche, at places! Criminal cleverly morphs Akon’s predominantly western sound with the Indian sound helmed by Vishal. Dildara is another example of clever mix, this time Ben E. King’s Stand By Me and Shafqat’s gorgeous Indian phrases – a wholly harmonious mix! Siddharath Coutto’s Right by your side has the familiar techno pop style from the composing duo but it’s also a heady track with a lively outlook! However, Jiya mora is unfortunately and bewilderingly all over the place. The melodic grandeur in the three themes – I’m On, Comes the light and Song of the end – indicate amazing things from a background score perspective, particularly the last one! The soundtrack clearly belongs to two songs – Bhare naina, a stunning track that layers Nandini Srikar’s tuneful semi-classical base over a highly imaginative rock phrase, and Raftaarein, one of the best and most original odes to RD Burman yet – wonderfully pulsating orchestration and fabulous vocals by Vishal. An exuberantly massy soundtrack from Vishal Shekhar!

Keywords: Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Vishal Shekhar, Ra.One, G.One, #200