Friday May 2, 2014

Dummy Tappasu (Music review), Tamil – Deva

Posted by Karthik

Anju pathu is vintage Deva style gana that channels Chandrababu afresh in a catchy avatar. Adiyae flowerae is a surprise, coming from Deva – the piano in the opening sequence is fantastic, but it gets into a mixed parody mode eventually; Mukesh and Deva do well in their respective versions! The waltz’ish tune of Enna idhu is interesting, but Lakshmi Chandru’s singing and pronunciation are terrible, while Kavitha Gopi carries pathos well in the engaging tune of Yenda en magane; it’s orchestration has good texture too, with ghatam highlights! There’s definitely a spark in Deva’s comeback; just a spark though.

Keywords: Deva, Dummy Tappasu



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