Saturday August 3, 2013

Neelakasham Pacha Kadal Chuvanna Bhoomi (Music review), Malayalam – Rex Vijayan

Posted by Karthik

Neelakasham, sung by Rex himself, is a slow-burner with a great sound and a rhythm that kicks in late but makes a big impact! In comparison, Thaazhvaaram seems more like stock pop, but Sushin Shyam’s vocals do make a difference. And¬†Doore doore goes one step down with its generic, unimpactful tune. The baul song Ami hitmajare is treated with authenticity, though the lead singer sadly remains uncredited. Saju Sreenivas shoulders Neerpalunkukal impressively, within its sedate tune and captivating musical pieces. Rex Vijayan’s music in Neelakasham Pacha Kadal Chuvanna Bhoomi is several shades below his earlier, more accomplished recent soundtracks.

Keywords: Neelakasham Pacha Kadal Chuvanna Bhoomi, Rex Vijayan



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