Monday February 18, 2013

Nirnayam (Music review), Tamil – Selvaganesh

Posted by Karthik


Nivas’s vocals elevate the already anguish-laden tune in Kannil oru thuli, while Selvaganesh orchestrates it wonderfully well. Etho maayam has lovely interplay between Karthik and MM Manasi’s vocals and Na. Muthukumar’s superb lyrics, even as the tune hints at Nalinakanthi and Kathanakuthuhalam. Thirudane has an intriguing sound but its Middle Eastern exotica sound is jarring, while Nila nila too is fairly templatized for its item’ish aspirations. But Ariraro (both versions) works wonders – a haunting lulaby in Charukesi that owes much to Raja’s evergreen Chinnanchiru kiliye from Mundhaanai Mudichu. Selvaganesh continues to show promise, albeit placing it between middling material.

Keywords: Nirnayam, Selvaganesh



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