Friday January 11, 2013

Special 26 (Music review), Hindi – M.M.Kreem & Himesh Reshammiya

Posted by Karthik

Tujh sang lagee‘s faux-qawali sound is familiar, but likeable. Keerthi Sagathia’s Mujh mein tu holds a gorgeous tune, wonderfully sung, with guitar and violins perfectly laid in the background. Kreem’s own other version too sounds fantastic! Dharpakad‘s nursery-rhym’ish tune seems endearing thanks to Bappi Lahiri’s vocals and the violin-based orchestration Kreem skilfully manages. Himesh’s sole track Gore mukhde is surprisingly enjoyable because (a) he doesn’t sing it and (b) he keeps it simple, O.P.Nayyar-style. The show-stopper is of course Kaun mera; the soft, pensive tune is a delight to hear in 3 voices – Papon, Chaitra and Sunidhi. Special Kreem!

Keywords: M.M.Kreem, Special 26, Himesh Reshammiya



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