Govindaya Namaha (Music review), Kannada – Gurukiran

Sura sura sundara holds its mock semi-classical base very well. Love all seems similar to Cher’s Dov’รจ l’amore and meanders pointlessly, but Anthare ivananna is incredibly rhythmic and catchy, in typical Gurukiran fashion – Gururaj Hoskote’s vocals, in particular, is apt! Rajesh Krishnan handles the haunting melody of Ninnindane really well even as Gurukiran’s orchestration is top notch. The soundtrack’s highlight is Pyarge aagbittaite – one heck of an innovative song, with a lovely retro to mod transition mid-way and superb singing by Chetan and Indu Nagaraj; even the Urdu lyrics mixed is highly imaginative! Entertaining soundtrack from composer Gurukiran!

Keywords: Komal, Gurukiran, Govindaya Namaha