Wednesday January 25, 2012

Papon – The Story So Far (Music review), Papon – Indipop

Posted by Karthik

Bhavle jharne and Boitha maro are the most obviously Eastern in their sound – the former, a slow, haunting track that gains enormously from the lovely clap-like sound that joins the rhythm and Boitha maaro, that begins sedately, but soon morphs into a pulsating Pancham-style track! Baarish ki boondein and Din guzrein both sound like gorgeous ghazals – the former, with that tabla backdrop and the latter, with a sarod base, offer mesmerizing, pathos-tinged tunes. Chhoti chhoti‘s dreamy, lazy guitar-backed tune is endearing. The most filmy tracks of the album are Kyon Hota Hai Pyar and Main To Chalta Hi Raha – the latter is very Euphoria’ish, only better, while the former, with a carnatic raaga Vasantha base, has a neat techno sound. Aankhein, with its pure Hindi lyrics and slightly outdated pop sound, still manages to sound good, while Keep rolling, despite the silly mix of English and Hindi, is perfect as a sing-along’ish track. The best songs of the album are the utterly trippy Duur, that plays out like a consummate rock track, and the incredibly tuneful Jonaaki raati, where even the language plays a major part in its sweetness! Long overdue and wonderfully fitting debut by Papon!

Keywords: Papon, Papon the Story So Far, Angaraag Mahanta, #200

Note: Why a second review, you may be wondering – I know. This is only the 2nd time I’m re-reviewing an album on Milliblog. The first time, it was to make amends on a negative review – first version and second version. This time too, it is to make amends – this album deserves a 200, not just a 100. Here’s the earlier review, just in case.

Update: Damn it. My blog’s readers know me better than myself. Yes, this is the 4th re-review – the other two included Vidyasagar’s Ilaignan and Dev.D!



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