Wednesday January 18, 2012

Jodi Breakers (Music review), Hindi – Salim Sulaiman

Posted by Karthik

If you move past the ear-numbing ennui created by the totally predictable Kunwara and Bipasha, this soundtrack does have something to offer. Not that Darmiyaan is dew fresh, but even when the duo is aping the SEL-Johar sound, they extract lovely work from Shafqat, and Shreya, in the reprise. The soundtrack thankfully peaks with Mujhko teri and Jab main tumhare; the former, despite Salim’s middling vocals, works beautifully for its gorgeous tune, while the latter, beyond cringe-worthy chorus lines, gets its melody and sound right. This duo seems to be heading nowhere, in general, but they do salvage this soundtrack.

Keywords: Salim Sulaiman, Jodi Breakers, Kunwara



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