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Kuch parbat hilaayein doesn’t hammer the inspirational high, but manages to wrap it in a warm package. Arijit Singh’s vocals, the fantastic chorus, the lilting pop sound and the world-music’ish chants add significant value. In the song’s intimate version, Salim is equally good, accentuating the nuances perfectly. Poori qaaynaat is straight out of Coke Studio! […]

Maya thagni mixes pulsating world music’ish sounds for a largely folk tune, before going completely folk and then getting back again. Tetua, Ghanghor and Binu baadar too get their mix brilliantly right – very earthy folk tunes, and folk lyrics, set amidst rousing electronic sounds, with Sukhwinder, Keerthi Sagathia and Divya Kumar doing stellar jobs […]

Dance Basanti is hardly representative of Sachin Jigar’s current form – a catchy, but thoroughly derivative song that could have easily been scored any Punjabi composer with random Z or J in his name. Aslam Keyi composed Ungli pe is no different! Salim Sulaiman’s Auliya is serene and makes one long for the duo’s proper […]

The larger-than-life sound of the title song only has Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics making a cut; it’s Raghupati raghav remix is strictly functional. But Salim Sulaiman get it right in their other song – Aiyo ji – Shraddha Pandit’s lovely singing complementing the semi-classical tune and frenzied techno music. Meet Bros Anjan Ankit’s Janta Rocks is […]

Khulla saand has the Band Baaja Baarat hangover, but it’s the duo’s likeable catchiness. Benny Dayal and Monali Thakur are in great form in Muh meetha, an enjoyable tune made better by the simple, rhythmic techno arrangement. Rabba main, the duo’s last, is the soundtrack’s best – lovely, pensive tune orchestrated expertly. Akash Chopra does […]

Saturday August 25, 2012 22:01

Heroine (Music review), Hindi – Salim-Sulaiman

Halkat jawani is one of those songs that was conceptualized as an item song from scratch, with seemingly generous instructions to include all the elements of previous ‘hit’ item songs. Harmless, but vacuous. For Khwahishein, Shreya’s diva act fits perfectly for the gorgeous pop tune. Main heroine hoon‘s Bond’ish tune sits uncomfortably over its cringe-worthy […]

If you move past the ear-numbing ennui created by the totally predictable Kunwara and Bipasha, this soundtrack does have something to offer. Not that Darmiyaan is dew fresh, but even when the duo is aping the SEL-Johar sound, they extract lovely work from Shafqat, and Shreya, in the reprise. The soundtrack thankfully peaks with Mujhko […]

Aadat se majboor and Jazba seem like calculated, safe efforts – the carefully assembled catchy rhythm, Benny and Shilpa Rao’s cool vocals…everything; but they still endear as they hold the right amount of spunk. Thug le is where the composing duo push their luck a bit too much; everything is painfully familiar here. Jigar da […]

Tuesday September 13, 2011 20:07

Azaan (Music review), Hindi – Salim Sulaiman

With its lilting Middle Eastern pop feel, Afreen makes for a nice listen, particularly with Salim Merchant crooning it, while Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s reprise version draws from his vocal style equally well. Bismillah is almost Rahman’ish, with carefully calibrated rhythm and a thoroughly harmonious tune. Habibi wears the Middle Eastern sound on its sleeve, […]

Everything about Rozaana seems familiar, and if the track still works, it is only because of the spunk in the tune and Salim’s lively vocals. Rab rakha isn’t that lucky, with a stale tune that meanders laboriously with occasional respite from the Shreya Ghoshal-sung portions. Love love love goes down further – a pointless reggae-Bollywood […]

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