Agneepath (Music review), Hindi – Ajay-Atul

Deva shree Ganesha plays out in filmy-frenzy bhajan format, but the duo crank up the creativity in the interludes, and the backgrounds. Chikni chameli turns out to be average fare – the composers reuse their own Jatra number from Marathi, but the rest of the country has already channeled this typical Marathi sound into South Indian Kuthu many times. Udit makes a late entry into the infectious Gun gun guna re, and, with Sunidhi, they own the tune fabulously! Addictive sufi rhythm rules Shah ka rutba, but even here, the complex tune and interludes are nuanced enough to relish during repeated listens; it does get flattened in 80s style, but that operatic bit in the end is a nice touch. But the soundtrack belongs to Sonu Nigam’s Abhi mujh mein and Roop Kumar Rathod’s O Saiyyan; these songs are a solid triumph in composing, with extraordinarily beautiful tunes – magnificent violin in the former, recalling Ilayaraja, and strong hint of raag Charukesi in the latter, a move that can hardly go wrong, particularly in the hands of composers like Ajay and Atul. Agneepath is what one could ideally call as the Hindi debut of Marathi composing duo Ajay-Atul; outstanding debut, this!

Keywords: Ajay Atul, Agneepath remake, Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Sanjay Dutt, #200