Mylari (Music review), Kannada – Gurukiran

Kailash Kher seems like an appropriate choice for the rhythmic, techno-sufi’ish Bittbide, while Ghallu ghallenutha is terribly conventional; pity to see veteran SP Balasubramaniam being wasted here. Jaginakka jaginakka is an unabashed mish-mash and sounds atrocious, despite Shankar Mahadevan’s efforts. The composer salvages something out of the soundtrack in Langa daavani, sung by himself along with a foot-tapping package. Things are back to their banal self with Mylapura mylari, crooned by the Puneeth Rajkumar no less – pointless fake Punju tune and messy arrangements. Sukumari is the funniest; 80s Hindi tune and bizarre orchestration! Mylari has Gurukiran in terrible form!

Keywords: Shiv Rajkumar, Shivrajkumar, Mylari, Gurukiran