Sunday December 4, 2011

Shyloo (Music review), Kannada – Jassie Gift

Posted by Karthik

Pada pada Kannada‘s highlight is of course Puneeth Rajkumar’s vocals, since Jassie Gift makes only meek changes to his Lajjavathiye template. Oh jeevave and Shyloo, thankfully have Jassie changing tracks and offer immensely hummable melodies, particularly the title song (sung wonderfully by Ishan Dev), that is gorgeous while having a different tune from the Tamil title song. Ee manasinalli and Bandiddu barali, however, get back to Jassie’s current form – monotonous in every way, though the former’s tune does evoke some interest thanks to Chaitra’s vocals. Shyloo displays some mild progress in Jassie Gift’s otherwise stagnant and plodding composing career.

Keywords: Shyloo, Ganesh, Mynaa, Jassie Gift



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