Tuesday January 26, 2010

Music review: Gunkali (Pakistani Pop – Kaavish)

Posted by Karthik

Jaffer Zaidi’s thick’ish voice hangs like a heavy cloud waiting to pour – like Raghu Dixit’s, minus the panache. But the tunes make all the difference! Jaffer’s mother, the incredibly talented Nayyara Noor, composes and writes 2 songs – Piya dekho na and Moray sayyan; both are soulfully old-fashioned, with arrangements that blend flawlessly. Nayyara’s lyrics feature in Bachpan too; they strike a chord with the nostalgic portraits and the appropriately mellow tune credited to Jaffer and Zohaib Kazi. Out of the other 7 tracks composed by Jaffer, Chaand taaray and Chalte rahein impress with their soft, melodic appeal and that tinge of classical. Sunn zaraa and Dil main meray are more pensive, with the latter’s interlud’ish guitar work making a case for itself. In Koi hai toh sahi, fellow band member, Maaz Maudood joins Jaffer for a passionately fervent call for togetherness, even as the track soars to an almost-unrelated note! The best tracks of the album are the tenderly tuned Dekho and musically-rich Tere pyaar main; the latter uses Rahat Ali’s flute and Javed Iqbal’s violins as well as Jaffer’s vocals in a harmonious tune with enormously imaginative orchestration. Kaavish’s Gunkali treads the popular with the mature, skillfully.

Keywords: Faisal Rafi, Jaffer Zaidi, Maaz Maudood, Shallum Xavier, Gumby, Amir Zaki, Rahat Ali, Omran Shafique, Abbas Premjee, Khalid Khan, Javed Iqbal



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