Music review: Thambikku Intha Ooru (Tamil – Dharan)

Javed Ali spoils the otherwise lovely Mudhal pen neeye, with his horrendous pronunciation – but, thankfully, Dharan’s tune is fresh and catchy. The title song is conventional and atrocious, while Koothadu machi, despite the mish-mash’ish inspirations, makes for a funky listen, particularly the final, ‘lokkal’ sound! Hariharan and Shreya Ghoshal’s Yaaradi is a middling melody at best – too predictable to make a solid impact. With Indru naan Dharan tries his best to reinvent the pathos genre, but despite mild innovations, it simply doesn’t work, while Benny Dayal’s groovy Ore minsaaram is annoyingly short. Very templatized and disappointing fare from Dharan.

Keywords: Bharat, Bharath, Sana Khan, Dharan