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Tuesday September 27, 2016 20:25

Coke Studio Pakistan, Season 9 – Milliblog top 10

Season 9 of Coke Studio by Strings was largely a middle-of-the-road affair. I did follow it week after week, but many episodes were completely bereft of anything memorable. So, instead of doing a weekly update, I decided to do it as a top 10… my personal top 10 favorites from this season. Visit Coke Studio […]

Nikitha Gandhi’s almost ethereal voice carries the Prologue till Rahman unleashes a dramatic crescendo! In Signs of The Last Prophet, the same prelude by Nikitha is connected to a stunning choir, all culminating in a sprawling finale! Makkah 740 AD, true to its name, showcases Middle Eastern exotica in a pulsating package, while in The […]

Wednesday July 29, 2015 19:37

Moor (Music review), Pakistani – Strings

Javed Bashir’s powerful voice leads Jogiya and Talabgaar hoon; the latter makes a punchy impact with its harmonious Baloch-style qawali. Pusthu star Rahim Shah is at his best in the somber Gul bashri that sparkles with an expansive orchestration, while Meesha Shafi’s Eva, despite all the pulsating guitaring, falls flat as a tune. Tum ho […]

Shiraz Uppal significantly amps up the earthy, folksy Ballay ballay, led by Harshdeep! Shiraz’s title song, sung by himself, is a competent, soulful pop ditty. In Sahir Ali Bagga’s Teray bin jeena, Rahat gets further shoeboxed into his standard template. Waqar Ali-composed O yaara gains from Ankit Tiwari’s vocals, for its unhurried melody with a […]

Ghatam and strings… and then a single violin peeks in to give the ghatam some South Indian company in Hassan Learns French Cooking. It all ends in a mellow flute note, distinctly Indira-style and the tune playing something akin to ‘kodutha sandhangalil… en manadhai… nee ariya’ from MS Viswanathan’s ‘Sippi Irukkuthu’ song from Varumayin Niram […]

Wednesday May 14, 2014 08:29

Million Dollar Arm (Music review), A R Rahman

Rang De Basanti’s left-over Makhna and let-us-obviously-fuse-Punjabi-and-rap Million Dollar Dream are intermittently engaging, thanks to the vocalists – Sukhwinder and Iggy Azalea, respectively. KT Tunstall and Rahman’s We Could Be Kings is however coherent and rhythmic, with fantastic vocals by both. Ditto with Taa taa tai – frenetic sitar complementing Rahman’s energetic call-out. Keep The […]

There’s a sense of relief as Irtaash’s debut album finally arrives. It’s a good blend of some of their already popular tracks like Kaali raatein, Musafir and the very tuneful Khauf, all spruced up for the better. The new tracks include the pulsating Raastay; an uneasily grungy Irtaash; softer, highly enjoyable ballad’ish rock tracks like […]

Tuesday January 26, 2010 17:48

Music review: Gunkali (Pakistani Pop – Kaavish)

Jaffer Zaidi’s thick’ish voice hangs like a heavy cloud waiting to pour – like Raghu Dixit’s, minus the panache. But the tunes make all the difference! Jaffer’s mother, the incredibly talented Nayyara Noor, composes and writes 2 songs – Piya dekho na and Moray sayyan; both are soulfully old-fashioned, with arrangements that blend flawlessly. Nayyara’s […]

The opener, Chal Bulleya fuses lyrics from Bulleh Shah and Bhagat Kabir in a pleasant and accessible package, while Bandeya and Ranjha‘s free jamming-style unravel their effervescent tunes quite remarkably. Jhok Ranjhan has a superlative rock-pop base while Sanwal, which features in an altered form after its debut in the earlier album, holds incredibly imaginative […]

After 3 years since their eponymous debut album, Overload’s intriguingly titled, Pichal Pairee, is indeed a fitting follow-up. It’s predominantly instrumental again – a drastic departure from the average Pakistani band. Saat mein has Ustad Alah Loke’s pakhawaj complementing the vibrant percussion sound orchestrated by Farhad Humayun. Vichar gai is curiously ominous till a more […]

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