Friday August 28, 2009

Music review: Agam Puram (Tamil – Sundar C. Babu)

Posted by Karthik

Ore oru ooru has the typical pseudo folk sound that has now become extraordinarily tired, while P P Venkat’s frenzied Oru mani rendu mani is high on its manic rhythms and amusing lyrics, the composer using his standard arsenal of catchy tunes like his earlier chartbusters. Kangalai parithidum is uncannily Harris Jeyaraj, only rough around the edges; much like Kangal modhi, which seems to have potential but is frittered away. Kattilmel uses an assortment of instruments is embarrassingly bad. Sundar C Babu has been lucky with his one-hit wonders for way too long. Agam Puram halts that lucky streak impactfully.

Keywords: Shaam, Meenakshi, Sundar C Babu



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