Tuesday August 25, 2009

Music review: Aadhavan (Tamil – Harris Jayaraj)

Posted by Karthik

Hasili fisiliye is typical Harris fare – gibberish opening and a simple, rhythmic pattern; does get addictive after the initial annoyance. Yeno yeno has plain horrendous Tamil pronunciation by Shail and Andrea, with Sudha Ragunathan sadly sandwiched between both; this one and Vaarayo are painful leftovers from Harris’ earlier debacle, Satyam. Damakku is assembly-line and thoroughly irritating, while Dekho dekho is so slow that there are sleep-inducing moments even in between the track! Massi massi is nothing but an unnecessarily rude joke on Harris’ loyal fans. This is Harris’ weakest score and shows he’s taking his earlier success for granted.

Keywords: Surya, Nayantara, Harris Jeyaraj, Harris Jayaraj

Note: I gave a NW1W verdict via the Milliblog twitter feed (http://www.twitter.com/milliblog) for this soundtrack earlier. But, given the number of requests that came in for Aadhavan, its only fair that I give it its 100 words worth of spanking 😉



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