Music review: Leelai (Tamil – Sathish Chakravathy)

Bubble gum is interesting for its completely abstract tune that changes pitch every few seconds – doesn’t stick, but. Jillendru oru kalavaram uses a standard pop melody and with its boy-band’ish arrangements, manages to be infectious, while the composer carries the smooth melody in Oru kili, along with Shreya, quite admirably. Unnai partha pinbu has Haricharan pouring his heart out, rather uninterestedly, but the best track is reserved for Ponmalai pozhudhu – an exuberant and lively track with mod, enthusiastically written lyrics. Debutant composer Sathish Chakravathy‚Äôs work is nothing drastically different or innovative, but is adequately easy on the ears.

Keywords: Shiva, Mansi, Sathish Chakravathy