Tuesday November 18, 2008

Music review: Thenavattu (Tamil – Srikanth Deva)

Posted by Karthik

Onnu rendu’s blaringly loud backgrounds and the obvious reference to the much-abused transgender is plain jarring. Srikanth Deva seems to have deconstructed a Jeyaraj number like an expert Chinese manufacturing plant and reassembled Pattaam poochi but the cracks start showing off in the interludes and the meandering tune. Enekkena pirandhavalo and Enge irundhaai are exceptionally inept in every department – kiddish, to say the least and makes Sirpi sound like a Maestro. Usilambatti sandhayilae is assembly-line nonsense with zero imagination. Srikanth Deva is a phenomenon, no two ways about it. Its baffling that he continues to get so many projects!

Keywords: Jeeva, Poonam Bajwa



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