Sunday December 11, 2005


Posted by Karthik

Yeh hai meri kahani is neat and very Strings. Strings’ other, Har saans is a non-starter though. Shibani’s Kya main zinda hoon has her impressive vocals and a nice minimalist feel while Zinda hoon main synth-vocalizes her voice unnecessarily. Vishal Shekar’s Sunjay Dutt sung Kabhi muskurake has him singing in tune, than his usual singspeaks. Maula’s mod orchestration masks a 80s ‘pathos’ tune that evokes more sleep than remorse. Nikhil/ Naved’s remixes are pretty listenable barring Maula’s, which is terrible either way. Does Chan-wook Park’s 2003 cult Korean fave Oldboy require songs? In 2 CDs? Bad idea, Mr. Sanjay Gupta!



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