Rang De Basanti

The title song reinvents bhangra, lead by Daler. Prasoon’s lyrics shine in the youth anthem Paatshala, while Blaze dominates the other version. Tu bin bataye’s sweeping melody harks back to Rahman’s initial days! Khalbali’s tune is a bit too Middle Eastern for comfort and carries a 80s Jarre’ish arrangement. Khoon chala is inspiring, thanks to Mohit’s singing and Prasoon’s words. The very yuppy & catchy Roobaroo has 3 highlights…Naresh, Rahman and the guitar! Ik onkar is a neat short sikh devotional while Aamir ‘utters’ in Lalkaar. And the pièce de résistance, Luka chupi! Great guitar. Great vocals. Simply delightful!