Tuesday July 25, 2017

Qaidi Band (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi

Posted by Karthik

I am India, the anthemic band song rides on the easy, repetitive hook and the racy ending, though Arijit sounding so much like Amit Trivedi is supremely discomforting. Amit does differentiate his voice in the song’s other version, a decidedly more street-smart version with a less anthemic sound. Hulchul, Junooni and Udanchoo are trademark Amit Trivedi-style classic rock material. The first 2 are expansive and lush melodies beautifully orchestrated by Amit using a familiar rock base, but in Udanchoo he pushes the boundaries lets the tune explode joyously in sync with the lyrics, while also invoking I am India’s hook. Jag mag, with its chilled out Carribean vibe is instantly endearing with its captivating rhythmic structure. Phir nayi and Phir wohi‘s contrast is incredibly stark! In the former, Yashita Sharma is delightfully optimistic, singing warmly expectant activities, gently aided by the santoor Amit beautifully layers in. The latter, in contrast, is melancholy personified, with a contrastingly desolate flute! The soundtrack’s clear high-point is Poshamba, where Amit Trivedi invokes the glorious 80s, with a heady Kalyanji-Anandji sound. Arijit and Yashita’s spirited rendition adds to the song’s charm! After the middling Dear Zindagi, Amit Trivedi gets back to his Udta Punjab zing.

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PS: If you liked Udanchoo, may I request you to also listen to this superlative, relatively unheard song called Yeh dil madmast malanga, from the Marathi film, Chitrafit – 3.0 Megapixel with music by Yug Bhusal? You’ll know why, when you listen to both songs. I also heard ‘Ilayaraja’ in my head when I listen to the Marathi song, btw.

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  • rnjbond

    I had no idea this movie was coming out or that this soundtrack existed, but it’s a totally fantastic surprise. Shows why Amit Trivedi is among the top in Bollywood today.

    And Arijit sounds fantastic in this soundtrack. Between this and Jagga Jasoos, he’s gotten some great songs to showcase his talent.

    • milliblog

      I’m just glad that the full soundtrack released in one instalment 🙂 The thing is, releasing song videos one by one is perfectly fine, as is releasing the full audio soundtrack in one go before the video cascade begins. It can only increase the reach – the videos will increase week after week while the full audio can help connect with music fans (as against star fans or video fans) by giving them a full experience. It’s the withhold-the-audio-soundtrack-release-one-video-at-a-time that removes reach for the audio segment completely.

      • Sreejesh Krishnan

        Exactly, I used to wait for the whole album release to start listening, and walk away from these video releases.

  • pappu92

    Finally, a great Bollywood album. Best album of 2017 so far.

  • Vini Shukla

    Arijit Singh sounds so different in this! It’s like he’s intentionally trying to sound like a less accomplishment singer.

  • Jaydeep

    “Arijit sounding so much like Amit Trivedi is supremely discomforting”. Ditto is the feeling. I saw the credits and was like where the hell is Arijit in this song.
    Totally agree on Phir Nayi and Phir wohi, excellent variations both. And Yashita has done a fab job understanding and delivering nuanced variations. Though she has been around for quite sometime, this is her big break, one can’t help but take a note of the singer.
    AT has done incredible job with his now supremely mastered rock sound. However, at first listen I felt melodies aren’t as cohesive as in his previous outings in past couple years. To me melodies sounded like a collage or rather patchwork of different pieces, if I may. That raised another question in my mind, what originated first lyrics or melodies. Whoever stepped in later must have had a job and half on hand.

    • rnjbond

      Wow, until right now, I literally thought I Am India was sung by Amit Trivedi…

      I still don’t believe it’s Arijit

      Hell, the reprise version is credited to Amit Trivedi’s vocals and it sounds almost the same!

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