Tuesday January 17, 2017

Nenu Local (Music review), Telugu – Devi Sri Prasad

Posted by Karthik

Next enti is DSP trademark – punchy rhythm and repetitively corny fillers. Arere yekkade is a lovely surprise from DSP! Delightful melody set to an engaging rhythm with beautiful snatches of violin and flute, sung fabulously by Naresh Iyer and Manisha Eerabhathini! Disturb chestha ninnu too is a pleasant surprise! Superbly funky bass and a tinge of retro in the orchestration! And Prudhvi Chandra’s singing is darn good! Champesaave nannu is passable, using a generic pop sound. Side please is DSP giving up and succumbing to his earlier self. 2 songs showcase that DSP is capable of a lot more!

Keywords: Nenu Local, Devi Sri Prasad

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  • philosophercricketer

    In retrospect, these songs worked really ‘worked’ in the movie, aptly situational. Never classy, yet they deliver. It think that’s the USP of DSP. DSP’s got the knack. Most of the time it works. Sometimes, his entire albums sounds very tired and jaded almost ennui-inducing and yet many times his other work is quite enjoyable. And where his songs do work, they are youthful and panchamesque some thing that the late Pacham delivered time and again. He is already into quite some league after so many years of success.

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