Friday November 25, 2016

Nenjam Marappathillai (Music review), Tamil – Yuvan Shankar Raja

Posted by Karthik

Kannungala chellangala is truly intriguing, and captivating! It also has horrendous vocals by Yuvan, besides Selvaraghavan’s inventive lines like ‘Setha naai mela thaan ethana lorry thaan’. Maalai varum has a likeable rock ballad-style melody, with that catchy ‘Ramsay’ call-out. But, it also has stomach-churningly bad singing by Dhanush and Yuvan. Yuvan offers a frenetic drum-and-bass mix—very State of Bengal!—in En pondaati, with Selvaraghavan aiming for a lyrics Grammy; thankfully, the singing doesn’t matter. Yuvan produces Raja’ish orchestral splendor in the beautifully sweeping The Good Bad & Ugly theme! But for the atrocious vocals, Nenjam Marappathillai is a wonderfully quirky soundtrack!

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  • Arvind

    Not sure why you hate yuvan voice.. it is not great..but it is unique and adds flavor..

    • milliblog

      No, I have no issue with his voice. Only his singing. He sings off key very often and generally sounds really bad and careless with the way he sings.

      • Jayakumar G

        I too have the same issue, He sings off key lately and his lyrics depiction of ‘la’ and ‘zha’ needs to be addressed. But still his voice is catchy and unique.

  • ragu raam

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  • Sathyajit Krishnan

    What a weird album. Wacky. Keeping in line with that weird trailer.

  • Amit_t

    Pitch perfect singing and tonal accuracy are not going to come from Yuvan EVER.

    People who have made peace with this fact are able to see beyond this expected imperfection and enjoy the music.

    Knowing the risk of getting attacked here I would argue that flawed singing is much better than getting Latha Rajinikanth, Alia Bhat and Jonita Gandhi sound perfect using auto tune!! The master of auto tune in India is guilty of making some ordinary singers sound perfect. What ever happened to the human touch?

  • Prakash Srinivasan

    Yuvan just killed his own songs with not even one PROFESSIONAL singer singing in this album, same with Yaakai, good songs killed by awful singing!
    Too difficult for composers to resist the temptation of singing their own songs.

    • serina joe

      To those so called Certified Experts who’ve a problem with yuvan’s voice in Nenajam Marappathillai, Selvaragavan is the creator of NMI and you never know what lies in his beautiful mind to give a nod to yuvan to sing in his script. For me it’s THE most wackiest and coolest musical as well as lyrical album of 2016. It is certainly challenging the contemporary composers in terms of quality in composition and this album takes genre experimentation to a new level. So before ditching your voice have some sense about the Director and his creation. And FYI Yuvan is not singing in a Sangeeth Kutcheri as per the lyrics and this is Ramsay’s world. This is how he thinks and he sings.

      • milliblog

        Serina, here are other reviews where I have written about Yuvan’s horrible singing. I’m sure your suggestion would be to understand all those directors fit that terrible singing within their films?

        Please do note the 200 word review for the 3rd one, and the fairly positive review for the first one. So, this is not about Yuvan’s skill as a composer.

      • Cholan Raje

        TOTALLY F***ING AGREE, and I’m not someone who would use caps lock and swear words to describe an album. It’s that amazing. I never really cared to notice Yuvan until this album came up on my feed. And forget his other albums, this one is a modern masterpiece and the best album of 2017, maybe even the past few years. The music is simple, but totally wacky and new at the same time, which just makes it so…cool. Orchestral music is usually boring to me, but the theme music was just mesmerizing. Maalai Varum Vennila is soothing and a bit disturbing. En Pondatti Ooruku Poita is trippy, and that Rajini+phone call portion in the middle is the icing on the cake. And Kannungula Chellangala is the best; who knew the flute could sound so cool, and the way he blends it with dubstep and an old MGR-style paatu, it’s like Carnatic meets Hip Hop meets Vintage. Stylish, but not in a fake, wannabe way. This is honest, experimental music, and I’m still surprised no one other than Yuvan’s fans know about it, while some overrated Vellaikaran album gets 400K+ views. Still, this album is a classic, and should’ve got a 300 or AT LEAST a 200. Could’ve had better singers, but Yuvan doesn’t really ruin the song, though you could say the singing in Maalai Varum Vennila is pretty bad. But the music makes up for it, totally.

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