Sunday October 2, 2016

Pushpaka Vimana (Music review), Kannada – Charan Raj

Posted by Karthik

Jilka jilka is a stunning opener – with shades of Kanada, Brindavana Saranga and Kapi raagas, the melody comes beautifully alive in Indu Nagaraj’s lively vocals. Charan’s orchestration is resonant and the Jilka hook is an easy earworm. Charan tackles the calming and serene lullaby in Jogulave wonderfully, singing it with the required depth, and layering the background with minimal and apt music that hits a lovely crescendo mid-way with brilliant strings-led orchestration. The uncredited Celtic-sounding vocal prelude in Mugilu belmugilu picks the Celtic strain again in the brilliant first interlude, mixing itself with Reetigowlai raaga. Haricharan’s vocals add a special dimension to the already fantastic song with Kalyan’s gorgeous lines espousing a father’s love for his daughter. The Pushpaka Vimana theme expands on the same melody in all its instrumental glory. Baana thoredhu neeli is a delightful ghazal-style composition, with the soul of Hamsanadham raaga. Singer Siddhartha Belmannu is stupendously good in his rendition of the immersive melody. The short and simple tune of Ee srushtiya rests on Ganesh Karanth’s engaged singing, even as Charan’s backgrounds are ambient and haunting with a classy dash of flute. Charan offers the perfect follow-up to Godhi Banna Sadharna Mykattu in Pushpaka Vimana.

Keywords: Pushpaka Vimana, Charan Raj, #200, 200

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  • Sathyajit Krishnan

    This guy is awesome. He reminds me a lot of the hugely underrated Vidyasagar. I hope he makes a breakthrough into the other South Indian industries.

  • Abhilash

    Awesome tracks.. Thankfully he is not a one time wonder

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