Wednesday September 21, 2016

Rock On 2 (Music review), Hindi – Shankar Ehsaan Loy

Posted by Karthik

You know what I mean is a perfect sequel to Socha hai and Pichle saat dinon mein. Farhan’s gruffy vocals is almost manageable and those energetic guitars rule. In a more indulgent melody like Manzar naya, Farhan’s voice seems woefully inadequate, though the trio’s tune sails through effortlessly. Jaago, a soul-sister to Rock On’s title song, pales in comparison, but Sheldon D’Silva’s bass and the drums make it tolerable. Shraddha Kapoor has a superb run through the soundtrack! Udja re is a stunning, U2-style rock melody, with Shraddha admirably handling the rock shenanigans. Tere mere dil is even better, the trio’s mellow start beautifully soaring with Shraddha’s vocals along and the vibrant musicscape. Oddly enough, Woh jahaan, where Shraddha joins Farhan, is the one where sheβ€”and he, of courseβ€”sounds most tentative, though the composers have a fantastic tune playing confidently. Ishq mastana is Mirzya-style, with a hypnotic Ahir Bhairav’ish tune that Shankar and Digvijay Singh Pariyar handle brilliantly. Hio kiw (Chalo chalo), the Khasi-Hindi song that closes the soundtrack is a pulsating package, with superb vocals by Usha Uthup, Kit Shangpliang and Pynsuklin Syiemiong, with brilliant guitaring all through. Despite Farhan’ish vocal shortcomings, the trio keeps Rock On 2 rocking.

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  • Chuttan

    #200 even though there’s a lot of negative things written in the review, bizarre!!

    • Mahesh

      And his PRs say he is not biased, it’s his taste of music.

      • A ‘taste’ in music is nothing but ‘bias’ in an early form, incidentally – taste, is a set of things a person likes, in anything – music, movies etc. The more a person like that set of things (in music, for example), the more he/she gravitates towards that.

        It becomes a bias when the liking blinds that person to make balanced decisions about liking or disliking that piece of music and he/she starts harping everything as good (or bad) without going into individual merits of that music (using only historical liking, or hatred) for that composer, for instance).

  • Chuttan

    There seems to b deficiency of singers in this album, lol!!

  • Chuttan

    Strange that u have given it #200 even though people seem to b of highly critical level of this album in their comments, it seems that now u r frequently goin against people’s general opinions, or mayb people had too much xpectations with this 1 due to its prequel’s path-breakin music which seem to have crashed like anythin!!

    • Yashasvi Sharma

      True. Its very hard to not compare this album with the previous one considering the fact that it was such a path breaking one. This one is very weak and bland acc’t to me. And I think most of the people feel the same. I just hope it grows on us listeners. Otherwise it will turn out to be a musical film with weak music!

      • Chuttan

        & then mayb sadly a flop!!

      • Chuttan

        V can only hope!! Umeed pe duniya tiki ho ya na ho, ye musical film zaroor tiki hai, lol!!

  • Chuttan

    Well, people r claimin that this movie(Rock On 2) may bring north-east india into the limelight as shootin has also taken place there, do u feel any influence of north-east in this album?!

  • Parijat Mishra

    My track-by-track opinion :-

    1. Jaago – Superb guitar work, that riff has been stuck in my head since days. πŸ™‚ Slightly repetitive for the first minute or so, but the bridge part (after the amazing guitar solo) sounds brilliant. Overall, a pretty decent rock song that sticks in the head and grows on you.

    2. ‘You Know What I Mean’ : – Tries TOO hard to be Socha Hai Pt. 2. The composition itself is decent, but Farhan sounds really weird for some reason, and the lyrics…. Holy Mother of God, the lyrics! 😐 A random ‘hinglish’-speaking college kid would come up with better improvised lyrics. Definitely the biggest disappointment of the album for me.

    3. Udja Re – One of the standouts of the album for sure. I’m a huge U2 fan, and this song captures that alt-rock feel quite well. Shraddha Kapoor nails it, literally jumping between octaves effortlessly. I was quite impressed. πŸ™‚

    4. Manzar Naya – A cool, Coldplay-ish track. Once again, the instrumentation shines, but Farhan’s voice brings the whole thing down a bit. πŸ™

    5. Tere Mere Dil – Kinda reminds me of “Ink” by Coldplay (a lot of Coldplay/U2 influences in this album!). Another standout. Catchy, with nice singing and brilliant subtle production.

    6. Woh Jahaan – Farhan does a much better job here than the rest of the soundtrack. That AMAZING guitar solo at the end almost makes up for the cringy “poetry” narrated in between the verses. Man, Ehsaan Noorani is killing it here! πŸ˜€

    7. Hoi Kiw – Except the language novelty, it’s kind of a generic sounding “bollywood rock” track, except for the amazing guitar work halfway through the song (I’m getting tired of typing “amazing guitar work”!)

    8. Ishq Mastana – Honestly, even though it’s a very well-composed track, the typical Bollywood-sounding production does NOT fit in with the rest of the songs. I was listening to this soundtrack on Saavn and I genuinely thought the app skipped over to a different album by mistake. Again, nothing wrong with the song, but I don’t understand what it’s doing in a movie called “Rock On”…

    And… wait, that’s it? Oh, okay.. πŸ™ Very inconsistent album overall, some great songs, some really poor ones. The first movie had that fresh-faced college rock sound that was very easy to fall in love with. This one tries much harder for sure, but doesn’t seem to succeed as much.

    Karthik, for the first time I disagree with a review of yours. πŸ˜› We usually have the same opinions.

  • rnjbond

    Finally got around to listening to the soundtrack, I think it’s fantastic! And I personally like Farhan’s vocals, it makes the soundtrack feel more “real”.

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